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Alumni association

St Monica’s College formed an Alumni Association with the aim of increasing the involvement of past Collegians in the life of the College.

Aims of the Alumni Association:

  • To increase the involvement of Old Collegians in the life of the College.
  • Create and maintain a database with current details to communicate with our Alumni.
  • To publish information on the web site and in other College publications.

The Alumni is supported by the work of the Alumni committee, a group of past Collegians who meet to discuss ways we can engage our Alumni and further develop this area for our College.

Excerpts from recent database entries:

“I remember the sporting life of the college - swimming carnivals and sports days.” “Beautiful encouraging teachers and charismatic fellow students.” “The daily catch of snakes hanging on the fence at the station.” “Walking from the station to school and seeing cows and horses in the paddock.” “Purple uniforms, inspiring teachers and a culture to have a go.”


2017 Alumni Committee


Shelley Karpathakis2006
Simona Gruevski2016
Melissa Lobendhan2011
Samantha Zammit2011
Bianca Chisari2005
Rhys Antonio2012
Shelton Jeyaratnam1999
Celeste Mitsiou2011
Matthew Byrne2007
Sylvia Emirzian1995
Mario Bernardi2004
Ryan Bolger2015
Bernadette Harris1984
Anthea Sarantos-
Lisa Cardamone2013
Rachael Fenech2013
Ishwar Gunasegaran2016


St Monica’s College invites past Collegians to contribute in the following ways:

  • Offering a student Work Experience.
  • Speak to a Careers gathering about a chosen field.
  • Advertise a business in Alumni publications.
  • Contribute a story to the Alumni publications.
  • Make a donation to the Needy Student Fund.
  • Attend a Morning Tea with the Principal to tour the College and view our progress.
  • Donate items or photos to the Archives collection (photos can be scanned and returned).
  • Make suggestions about Alumni involvement.

Please contact us 9409 8800 or for further information.

St Monica's College, Epping, acknowledges the traditional owners of the land on which our school is built. For more information, please click here.