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college medals

The College Board established the annual awarding of commemorative medals in 1991. These medals recognise the loyalty and service given by members of the College community. The St Monica's Medal is awarded to a past or present student; the Polding Medal is awarded to a past or present staff member or chaplain; the Samaritan Medal is awarded to a parent or friend of the College. The Honour Board at College Reception records the name of recipients.


Polding Medal Mr Terry Stokes
Samaritan Medal Mr Ken Milroy
St Monica's Medal Miss Angela Minniti


Polding Medal Miss Pamela Coyne
Samaritan Medal Mrs Nancy Russell
St Monica's Medal Miss Maria Ensabella​


Polding Medal Fr Fred Chamberlin
Samaritan Medal Mr and Mrs Lorraine and Harold Smith
St Monica's Medal Miss Sonia De Angelis


Polding Medal Sr Therese Quinn
Samaritan Medal Mrs Kerry Cercone
St Monica's Medal Miss Angela Stella


Polding Medal Sr Dorothea Tallon
Samaritan Medal Mr Kieran Walshe
St Monica's Medal Miss Kylie Cardamone


Polding Medal Mr Joseph Favrin
Samaritan Medal Mr Bernie Leslie
St Monica's Medal Miss Linda Ferraro


Polding Medal Miss Ancita Beale
Samaritan Medal Mr Errol Maruff
St Monica's Medal Miss Sara Stefani


Polding Medal Miss Judith Clarke
Samaritan Medal Mr Tony Darmenia
St Monica's Medal Miss Helen Spiteri


Polding Medal Mr Kevin O'Connor
Samaritan Medal Mr Oliver McAuley
St Monica's Medal Miss Nicole Yianni


Polding Medal Mrs Patricia Toomey
Samaritan Medal Mr John Haberman
St Monica's Medal Miss Kellee Jordan


Polding Medal Ms Anne-Marie Cairns
Samaritan Medal Mr Peter Barry
St Monica's Medal Miss Carla Jobson


Polding Medal Ms Jenny Cass
Samaritan Medal​ Mrs Margaret Santilli
St Monica's Medal Mr Chris Dossor


Polding Medal Mrs Robyn Currie
Samaritan Medal Mrs Jan Saw
St Monica's Medal Mr Cameron Cavallo


Polding Medal Mr Phillip Trestrail
Samaritan Medal Miss Lorraine Pratt
St Monica's Medal Mr Mario Bernardi


Polding Medal Mr Dominic Moscatello
Samaritan Medal Fr Bob Wood
St Monica's Medal Miss Roslyn Galati


Polding Medal Mrs Gaynor Robson-Garth
Samaritan Medal Mrs Margaret Broadbent
St Monica's Medal Miss Shelley Karpathakis


Polding Medal Ms Catherine O'Brien
Samaritan Medal Mr Peter Wardley
St Monica's Medal Mr Jian Samuel


Polding Medal Mr Anton Jones
Samaritan Medal Mr Graham Bell
St Monica's Medal Mr Ezra Bon


Polding Medal Ms Michelle Keele
Samaritan Medal Mr George Mascara
St Monica's Medal Miss Kelsey Turner


Polding Medal Mr Noel Bowne
Samaritan Medal Mr Enzo Caporale
St Monica's Medal Mr Shane Elders


Polding Medal Ms Amorina Chirico
Samaritan Medal Mrs Enza Hanley
St Monica's Medal Miss Celeste Mitsiou


Polding Medal Mr Charles Ella
Samaritan Medal Mrs Elizabeth Dempsey
St Monica's Medal Miss Jessamine Cadou


Polding Medal Miss Bernadette Harris
Samaritan Medal Mrs Rita Lekkas
St Monica's Medal Miss Lisa Cardamone


Polding Medal Sister Margaret Keane sgs
Samaritan Medal Mr John Giddens
St Monica's Medal Mrs Kaye Dixon


Polding Medal Mrs Meredith Berry
Samaritan Medal Mr Gerrit Vandekolk
St Monica's Medal Miss Rachael Davies
2016​Polding Medal​Dr Fulvio Frijo
​Samaritan Medal​Mr Darren Dudley
​St Monica's MedalMr Kurt Cauchi
St Monica's College, Epping, acknowledges the traditional owners of the land on which our school is built. For more information, please click here.